Thursday, 10 September 2015

Welcome Islamic Neighbors: Europe Welcomes You With Open Arms! …Yours For The Taking!

I’m feeling cynical this evening. Off topic… How incompetent and clueless are Europe’s leaders? Well this may be the first time in human history that Europe has chosen not to defend itself against an invasion. In fact it is even surrealistically welcoming it! Dear Islamists, you have been dreaming a long time of overrunning Europe, with many of you thinking it will involve patience and might take some decades, or even a century or two. Well, good news for you – your wait is over! It can be yours in less than 10 years! It’s for real. Tens of thousands have already done it. Why now? Never have European leaders been so incompetent, naïve, and so generous. They are welcoming you with open arms, gifts, food, money, free healthcare and warm places to stay. They want to show the whole world how good and moral they are – because they are suffering from a guilt trip of some strange sort."
.....And there is nothing that will be done about it. European leaders, by allowing a totally uncontrolled mass immigration across their borders, have thrown the national security of their citizens overboard. These fools don’t seem to realize it, but the first target of terrorists is often the state itself. There’s no way of knowing how many terrorists and fighters are embedded among the refugees. This is negligence of the worst kind."

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