Friday, 29 March 2013

'Turn immigrants away to save British jobs': Politicians say closing the border would bring down unemployment

Daily Mail
"Britain’s borders should be closed to immigrants while the country’s own citizens are struggling to find jobs, a group of MPs said last night. Frank Field and Nicholas Soames, chairmen of the influential Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration, said the Government should be able to block immigration during periods of high unemployment. The two MPs, writing in the Daily Telegraph, said Britain is facing an influx of people at an ‘unsustainable level’ despite the Coalition’s measures to reduce immigration.Mr Field is a Labour MP who served as Welfare Minister in Tony Blair’s first Government and Conservative Mr Soames was Defence Minister under John Major. They said David Cameron specifically needs to tackle the EU - which they described as ‘the elephant in the room’. And they said next year’s expected wave of immigration from Bulgaria and Romania means that the need to tackle the issue ‘could not be more stark’."

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Cyprus has finally killed myth that EMU is benign

"The punishment regime imposed on Cyprus is a trick against everybody involved in this squalid saga, against the Cypriot people and the German people, against savers and creditors. All are being deceived. It is not a bail-out. There is no debt relief for the state of Cyprus. The Diktat will push the island’s debt ratio to 120pc in short order, with a high risk of an economic death spiral, a la Grecque. Capital controls have shattered the monetary unity of EMU. A Cypriot euro is no longer a core euro. We wait to hear the first stories of shops across Europe refusing to accept euro notes issued by Cyprus, with a G in the serial number."

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Julia Gillard to leave Australians in $165 billion dollars worth of debt this term alone

Herald Sun (Australia)
"GILLARD Government debt levels are forecast to blow out by 60 per cent to $165 billion in this term alone - equal to more than $14,000 for every working Australian. Analysis of Budget documents reveals that between the 2010 election and Federal Treasury's update in October last year, the 2012-13 net debt estimate rose $54 billion to $144 billion. ....Ahead of the budget, the Coalition is honing in on a number even larger than net debt - the total value of bonds and other securities issued by the Government, or gross debt, which has ballooned from $151 billion at the 2010 poll to $267 billion now. In the last budget the Government raised the gross "debt ceiling" from $250 billion to $300 billion. ....To repay the debt, cuts were required "almost everywhere", Professor Madsen said, and the GST rate could need to be raised. Mr Eslake said not only would spending have to be reined in, but the current $111 billion a year in tax concessions could have to be wound back."
ED:In 2007 before the Rudd/Gillard Labor Govts Australia had NO debt

One of the nastiest and most immoral political acts in modern times

Daily Mail
"People who rob old ladies in the street, or hold up security vans, are branded as thieves. Yet when Germany presides over a heist of billions of pounds from private savers’ Cyprus bank accounts, to ‘save the euro’ for the hundredth time, this is claimed as high statesmanship. It is nothing of the sort. The deal to secure a €10 billion German bailout of the bankrupt Mediterranean island is one of the nastiest and most immoral political acts of modern times. It has struck fear into the hearts of hundreds of millions of European citizens, because it establishes a dire precedent. .....The fact that Cyprus is a rackety semi-gangster society made it madness ever to allow the island to join the eurozone, rather than an excuse, as now, for stealing its citizens’ money. The Germans, who effectively control and bankroll the whole single-currency system, acted recklessly by signing on Cyprus — and Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Ireland. None of these countries had economic convergence with northern Europe. But Berlin chose to pretend that they did, because it thus became enormously profitable for Germany to trade with them in an undervalued common currency rather than a sky-high Deutschmark."

Labour hires “Obama’s Backroom Brit” as it seeks to make 2015 the Digital Election

"The Labour Party have hired Blue State Digital – the people behind both of Obama’s online presidential campaigns – to advise the party on digital communications. In particular, that means that Matthew McGregor (dubbed Obama’s “Backroom Brit”) will be working out of Labour’s Brewer’s Green HQ. Until recently Matthew directed Digital Rapid Response at Obama for America, and led the all-important online rapid rebuttal team."
ED: All they need now is some policies 'n stuff.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Success - we like it white

The Black Steam Train (Australia)
"Perhaps, what is most disappointing, is the fact that when we question this lack of black faces among those receiving assistance in the name of Aboriginal Equality, we're called racist, or perpetrators of Lateral Violence. Whilst taking part in the 'Aboriginal or Not' SBS program, Greg Lehmann stressed the point that those of us questioning the motives of those like him were guilty of Lateral Violence and responsible for much of the infighting amongst Aboriginal people. A pretty comfortable position to take when you're on the blackfella dollar at Oxford, bruz."

Saturday, 23 March 2013

SATURDAY ESSAY: Why we on the Left made an epic mistake on immigration

Daily Mail
"One of the liberal elite’s myths is that we are a ‘mongrel nation’ that has always experienced high inflows of outsiders. But this isn’t true. From 1066 until 1950, immigration was almost non-existent (excluding Ireland) — a quarter of a million at the most, mainly Huguenots and Jews. Post-World War II immigration has been on a completely different scale from anything that went before. These days, more people arrive on our shores as immigrants in a single year than did so in the entire period from 1066 to 1950, excluding wartime. Much of this happened by accident. When the 1948 Nationality Act was passed — giving all citizens of the Empire and Commonwealth the right to live and work in Britain — it was not expected that the ordinary people of poor former colonies would arrive in their hundreds of thousands. Nor was it expected after 1997 that a combination of quite small decisions would lead to 1.5 million East Europeans arriving, about half to settle. But come they did, and a net immigration of around four million foreign-born citizens since 1997 has produced easily the most dramatic demographic revolution in British history. Yet there was no general discussion in the New Labour Cabinet of the day about who Britain wanted to let in and in what numbers; no discussion about how the country could absorb them without pressure on public services."

Monday, 18 March 2013

Cyprus banks euro tax bail-out is a small-scale smash-and-grab compared to Britain’s slow-motion bank robbery

"Outrage about the Cyprus banks euro tax bail-out should not be allowed to obscure the fact that millions of savers in British banks have already lost much more of the real value or purchasing power of their money to prop up financial institutions closer to home. Savers in British banks and building societies have been stealthily robbed of more than £43bn of the real value of their savings since the Bank of England froze interest rates at 0.5pc four years ago. That's the total shrinkage of bank and building society depositors' purchasing power caused by inflation exceeding frozen interest rates, according to calculations by the pressure group Save Our Savers, following similar calculations by Yorkshire Building Society that the average saver has lost £2,500 in real terms since the credit crisis began. Both figures have got much bigger than they were a couple of years ago, as inflation has continued to run ahead of interest paid on deposits. Pensioners have suffered even more because higher than average proportions of their fixed incomes are spent on food and fuel. They are the largely silent victims of the Bank of England's policy of running negative real interest rates. But this slow-motion bank robbery is more difficult to describe than the short, sharp, smash-and-grab in Cyprus. So, despite the best efforts of this column to blow the whistle, more attention will be given to smaller losses for fewer people in Cyprus than millions of savers and pensioners who have lost much more in British banks and retirement funds."

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Guido’s Warning to Liberal & Progressive Bloggers: Royal Charter Aims for Tabloids and Guido, It’ll Get You Too

Guido Fawkes
"Schedule 4, Point 1 of both the government and the opposition’s versions of the Royal Charter will bring blogs under the regulator’s control: “relevant publisher” means a person (other than a broadcaster) who publishes in the United Kingdom: a. a newspaper or magazine containing news-related material, or b. a website containing news-related material (whether or not related to a newspaper or magazine)

Monday, 11 March 2013

Super Injunction on Guido Fawkes ?

Its very odd that Guido Fawkes (Paul Staines) never mentions Jemima or Zac Goldsmith these days, one could be forgiven for thinking that the Goldsmith's have a 'super injunction' banning Guido from making any comment. Funny that. Just a thought. ...doh! forgot to use Google again... Guido says no super injunction....But..."2.03pm: The [Leveson] inquiry has resumed and Paul Staines, AKA blogger Guido Fawkes, is Staines says he was injuncted in three different jurisdictions by Zac Goldsmith and Jemima Khan at a court in Dublin." Link Here Must have seen them off then ... or did he?

Guido Fawkes  has done much good work as an investigative journalist exposing the hypocracy and wrong-doings of the political classes. This blog especially supports the investigation of the  highly debatable relationship MP's have with the so called "green energy" industry. Should an MP or an individual use their wealth and position to stop (gag) someone like 'Guido Fawkes' making that investigation, which is very clearly in the public interest, then the public should be alarmed.   (Updated 13.03.13)

Monday, 4 March 2013

Barack Obama a 'dithering, controlling, risk-averse' US president

"Barack Obama is a "dithering" president whose controlling tendencies and extreme risk-averse attitude to foreign policy has damaged US interests in the Middle East, according to a new book by a senior former State Department adviser."

Friday, 1 March 2013

CASH GRAB: Inactive bank accounts to be seized

Adelaide Now (Australia)
"HOUSEHOLDS face losing up to $109 million from savings as the Federal government moves to seize cash from inactive bank accounts. After legislation was rushed through parliament, the government will from May 31 be able to transfer all money from accounts that have not been used for three years into their own revenues. This will mean that accounts with anything from $1 upwards that have not had any deposit or withdrawals in the past three years will be transferred to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. The law is forecast to raise $109 million this year as inactive accounts for three years or more are raided by Treasury. The money can be reclaimed from ASIC but the process can take months. Experts warn this will have a negative impact on people that may have put money away in a special account for their children's education or decided to put an inheritance in a separate account for a rainy day."

Gillard's $15b black hole

Adelaide Now(Australia)
"THE Gillard government has been left facing the prospect of a $15 billion budget blackhole as businesses struggle with the end of the mining boom and the slowdown in spending, economists warn."