Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Migrants buying fake Syrian passports on FACEBOOK

Daily Express
Fights have broken out between real and fake Syrians, with many using stones and bottles to attack one another on migration routes.  ........
Disturbing recent figures from the EU reveal that only one in five migrants are genuinely Syrian, but 90 per cent of those trying to cross the border claim they are Syrian because they think it is the surest route to gaining asylum. The Arabic version of Twitter even has an “expose fake Syrians” hashtag, which is one of the most trending topics in the war-torn country. The trend has increased fears the well-trodden migrant route could be exploited by terrorists who pose as refugees in a bid to make it into Europe and carry out an attack. German police arrested a Moroccan-born jihadist, who had used fake documents to pose as a desperate refugee. The head of Europe’s border agency Frontex described the abhorrent trend of buying fake documents as a “windfall” for economic migrants, amid the revelation dubious markets selling fake Syrian passports have sprung up across Turkey.
Fabrice Leggeri said: “There are people who are now in Turkey, buying false Syrian passports because they have obviously realised that it is a windfall since Syrians get asylum in all member states in the European Union.."

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