Monday, 30 September 2013

Blair Force One: Millionaire former Prime Minister is travelling the world in plush £7,000-an-hour private jet

Daily Mail
"When he was Prime Minister, plans for a presidential-style ‘Blair Force One’ jet were rejected as too expensive. But now Tony Blair appears to be footing the bill for his own £30million private plane. The former Prime Minister has been seen stepping out of a £7,000-an-hour bespoke aircraft complete with stateroom, lounge, kitchen and bed. Mr Blair, 60, is reported to have regularly chartered the top-of-the-range Bombardier Global Express private jet as he travels the world in his new roles as business consultant and public speaker, according to The Sunday Telegraph. The former Labour leader has been seen disembarking in Bangkok, Sardinia and New York state, and it has also been seen in Switzerland, Ukraine and Israel on dates which matched Mr Blair’s visits."

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Ed Miliband can’t freeze those bills he himself sent through the roof

Christopher Booker,Telegraph
" Arriving in London on Tuesday to see blazoned across a newspaper front page Ed Miliband’s promise of a 20‑month freeze on energy bills, I clapped my hand to my head in disbelief. There is no one else in the country, I and many others must have thought, who has done more to drive Britain’s energy bills through the roof than Mr Miliband: the man who, in 2008, shortly after becoming our first secretary of state for energy and climate change, passed his Climate Change Act, easily the most expensive law ever put through Parliament, committing us to cut our “carbon emissions” by four fifths in 40 years.
In 2009 it was this column that revealed, thanks to the assiduous Peter Lilley MP, that Miliband’s own department had estimated that this Act would cost us all up to £18 billion every year until 2050. When, in 2010, he became Labour leader, I called him “the costliest politician in British history”. And the reason is that it is under this Act that successive governments have committed us not only to spending well over £100 billion on building tens of thousands of useless wind turbines, producing electricity at twice and three times the going rate, but also to introducing other measures, such as the “carbon tax”, which will also soon double the cost of the electricity from coal, gas and nuclear power stations that still supply more than 90 per cent of our needs. All this in the name of giving Britain a “low carbon economy”. Yet the man who sent us down this disastrous path now wants, by law, to stop electricity prices rising, just when our energy companies must spend billions of pounds to bring his mad dream to fruition."

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Over 2million UK passports handed to foreigners since 2000: One immigrant is made a British citizen every two and a half minutes

Daily Mail
"More than two million immigrants have been granted British citizenship since 2000, it can be revealed. In the past year alone, a record 204,541 requests for a UK passport were rubber-stamped by the Home Office, official figures show. This is the equivalent of one migrant being given citizenship every two-and-a-half minutes – the fastest rate in history. It means the total number given out since the turn of the century now stands at 2,053,396. Campaigners say the face of British society has been changed for ever in just 13 years. .......Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, said the figures were ‘the inevitable consequence’ of Labour’s deliberate policy of mass immigration. The majority of those currently being given passports arrived in 2008 or earlier. Normally, they qualify for citizenship after living and working in the UK for five years, with officials only able to block those engaged in criminality. Sir Andrew said: ‘Some four million foreign immigrants have arrived since 1997 of whom, so far, half appear to have qualified for citizenship."

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Barack Obama’s Syria speech was an incoherent mess – he is outperforming Jimmy Carter as the most feeble US president of modern times

"This was a desperate speech from a president who has dug himself into a hole after carelessly drawing a red line in the sand, and then finding himself in the position of actually having to do something about it. Obama knew full well he was heading for a humiliating defeat in Congress, with just 26 Members of the House of Representatives confirmed as supporting him on Syrian strikes. This speech was above all a delaying tactic, designed to give him breathing space while his advisers think of how to get him out of this mess. In the meantime the White House is content to let the Russians, staunch ally of Assad, call the shots on the international stage, with Washington leading from behind.
The American people are overwhelmingly opposed to President Obama’s plans for a military intervention in Syria, what John Kerry likes to refer to as an “unbelievably small” strike against Assad. Just 29 percent of US voters back Obama’s handling of the Syria crisis according to a new poll this week. This speech will do nothing to assuage their concerns. "
...Comment:"A Time magazine chief editor was just on Lateline suggesting that Obama’s approach to Syria is that of law professor, not that of a President. You see, his problem is not one of stunning incompetence, but of over-intellectualization. He’s too smart for his own good. No, really."

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

White House Working With Jihadists To Help Them Take Over The Middle East

Real Science
"Just in case you had forgotten whose side Barack Hussein Obama is on."

Monday, 9 September 2013

The election of Australia's new PM Tony Abbott is clear evidence that genuine conservative policies can win elections

Daily Mail
"Something truly astounding has happened. The best political candidate for a country's future has won a general election. In fact, even more astonishing is the fact that this achievement was something David Cameron and his inner circle had given us to believe was as impossible as . . . well, being reincarnated as an olive. So what is this miracle? That a true conservative has won a general election on true conservative principles.This has just occurred in Australia, where the leader of the Liberal (conservative) Party, Tony Abbott, has been elected Prime Minister by a landslide. As head of the Liberal/National coalition, he unseated a Labor government which had been in power since 2007. But here's the rub: Mr Abbott stands for all the things which, in this country, the Cameroons repeatedly claimed would make the Conservative Party unelectable. An Oxford-educated devotee of the late Lady Thatcher, Mr Abbott wants to cut taxes and is against gay marriage, thinks man-made global warming theory is bunkum, wants to reduce immigration, and intends to end increases in overseas aid. He also displays a robust understanding of the current threats to the West, and just who are its true allies and true enemies."

Friday, 6 September 2013

Sorry Minister, computer says NO: Why can't the 'Rolls-Royce minds' at the DWP come up with an IT system that, for once, is 'fit for purpose'?

Daily Mail
"Labour wheeled out Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Liam Byrne to pour scorn on IDS’s handling of the project and accuse him of wasting taxpayers’ money. This would be the same Liam Byrne who, as Labour’s Chief Secretary to the Treasury, left a note informing incoming Coalition ministers that there was ‘no money left’. Ha, ha, ha. The same Liam Byrne who, as Labour’s immigration minister, presided over a system which had no idea how many people were entering or leaving Britain, who they were or where they came from. Nor cared less. The same Liam Byrne, indeed, who belonged to a government that encouraged more than six million people to languish on assorted ‘out of work’ benefits Labour has no grounds for smugness when it comes to IT projects. It blew £12 billion on an NHS computer system which never worked and had to be written off. There have been other IT fiascos at the Home Office, the Passport Office and the Borders Agency. Former Labour Home Secretary John Reid remarked memorably that his entire department was ‘not fit for purpose’. .....Civil servants always adopt a ‘fortress mentality’ to cover up their mistakes, whether overspending on ill-considered IT projects or presiding over unnecessary deaths and ill-treatment of patients in NHS hospitals. Nothing in the public sector ever comes in on budget, but no one involved appears to care. Taxpayers’ money is nobody’s money. The Civil Service doesn’t have to worry about anything so grubby as profit and loss."

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Pupils pay the price for migration taboo

Daily Mail
"Children starting school this week will experience one of the most dramatic and worrying consequences of the biggest demographic upheaval in our history. After the uncontrolled immigration of the Labour years, thousands of four- and five-year-olds are being packed into overspill ‘bulge’ classes, many housed in temporary schoolrooms or rented offices. Meanwhile, record numbers are in oversized classes, with nearly 72,000 five-to-seven year-olds learning in groups of 31 or more – up from 31,265 in 2010. Adding to the difficulties, of course, are the problems of handling growing numbers of pupils who speak little English. Indeed, how can any teacher, faced with a class that speaks dozens of different native languages, hope to convey the basics to any pupil? Truly, these youngsters, of every ethnic background, are victims of the taboo that for decades prevented politicians from challenging reckless migration policies, for fear of being branded as ‘racists’. As the pressure intensifies – on schools, the NHS, housing, transport and jobs – a weekend poll found that 60 per cent believe immigration has damaged Britain.Yet disturbingly, the latest figures show a surge in net migration to 176,000 last year, exposing the hollowness of the Government’s efforts to cut the net inflow below 100,000 by 2015. And this is even before we throw open our borders to Romanians and Bulgarians next January. Last week, when they rejected the plan to attack Syria, MPs spoke for the people. How much longer before they treat with the same seriousness the public’s concerns about migration’s threat to our well-being and national identity? "

Monday, 2 September 2013

Is there no end to Blair's hypocrisy?

Daily Mail
"Is there no end to this man’s hypocrisy? It is precisely because of Mr Blair’s illegal war in Iraq that Parliament – reflecting the view of an overwhelming majority of the British people – was so reluctant to back British intervention in yet another ghastly foreign conflict. Mr Blair speaks of ‘errors in intelligence’ about Saddam’s arsenal as if they were merely honest mistakes. In fact, they were deliberate exaggerations – a cynically concocted case for war, reinforced by a dodgy dossier of fraudulent evidence. No wonder the public is so suspicious this time around."