Thursday, 10 September 2015

50,000 failed asylum-seekers have gone 'missing' in the UK since 2012, report finds

ITV News
The Home Office has come under fire in a critical report into the country's immigration system.
The Public Accounts Committee found that 50,000 failed asylum seekers have gone missing in the UK since 2012, while 175,000 are still awaiting removal from the UK.  .....
In addition, a 29,000-strong backlog of unresolved asylum applications dating back to at least 2007 means a "worrying" 11,000 asylum-seekers have been waiting for at least seven years for an initial decision on whether they can stay in the country, the report found.
As well as longstanding applications, the department is also struggling with fresh asylum claims, the PAC report said, with a backlog of cases awaiting an initial decision jumping 70% to 16,273 in the first quarter of this year."

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