Friday, 6 March 2015

England's migrant population 'soars by 565,000' since 2011

The migrant population in England is estimated to have increased by more than half a million in three years, research from the University of Oxford has revealed.
Around two-thirds of the 565,000 migrants thought to have come to the country between 2011 and 2014 were born in other EU countries, the study by the university's Migration Observatory said......
The greatest increase in the number of foreign-born residents has been in the capital.
Almost 200,000 more migrants were estimated to live in London last year compared to 2011."

Monday, 2 March 2015

Liberal elite are helping spread of extremism, by Professor Anthony Glees

Daily Mail
Universities are meant to advance human understanding, expand our knowledge and serve as a platform for debate. But tragically, through their failure to confront and root out Islamist radicalism, some British institutions are achieving the very opposite. Instead of deepening the liberal roots of our civilisation, they are helping to allow intolerance to flourish through their unwillingness to confront extremism in their midst. That insidious process has been graphically demonstrated by the case of Mohammed Emwazi, the Islamic State butcher nicknamed ‘Jihadi John’.  ....So, we need new legislation to uncover and deal with potential recruits, and stronger intelligence services. But the recent criticism of MI5 echoes, unwisely, the mindless and offensive drivel put out by ‘human rights’ campaign group Cage: that Emazi became a jihadist because of harassment by the security services. We should support our security community — only our enemies want to undermine it. And, just as importantly, we must address the urgent question of Muslim radicalisation on British university campuses, especially through the influence of Islamic societies, which are often in thrall to a hardline agenda. The roll call of student terrorists is long, indeed. James Brokenshire, the Security minister, has said that from 1999 to 2009, at least 45 per cent of those convicted of Al Qaeda-related terrorism in the UK had attended university or higher education colleges. Yet neither the university system, dominated by the liberal Left, nor even important elements of the Coalition Government are willing to face up to this reality.   ......The claim from Nicola Dandridge that there is ‘no evidence’ to link ‘student radicals with violent extremism’ is just absurd. The opposite is true. Emwazi’s name is to be added to the chilling list of students from Britain who have turned to terror. .....The time has come to monitor every Islamic society in English universities, with a view to banning them if they have supported extremism. Vince Cable could not be more wrong when he says that only those who directly incite violence should be silenced. Sooner or later, extremism leads to violence. It must be stamped out."