Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Norway Imposes Border Checks as Refugees Split Scandinavia

Norway became the latest Scandinavian nation to respond to a deepening refugee crisis that has already overwhelmed neighboring Sweden by introducing border controls.
Norway, which is part of the Schengen passport-free region even though it isn’t a member of the European Union, said late on Tuesday it will impose border controls from Thursday this week.
“The large number of asylum seekers and migrants is creating big challenges for us,” Finance Minister Siv Jensen said in a statement."

Monday, 16 November 2015

Paris attacks: France to call for effective suspension of Schengen open borders

France is to call for an effective suspension of the Schengen Agreement on open borders across Europe this week, as it demands other European nations begin border identity checks inside Europe’s free movement zone, diplomatic sources have confirmed to The Telegraph.
The radical step follows the Friday-night massacre in Paris and will lead French proposals at an emergency meeting of EU interior ministers in Brussels on Friday."

Written in the blood of innocents, the folly of a Europe with no borders

Daily Mail
Professor James Davis, of the University of St Gallen in Switzerland, observed that: 'As police chiefs from Hamburg to Geneva will tell you, criminal bands, largely of Eastern and South-Eastern European origin, are taking advantage of open borders to plan and execute large-scale raids on communities that often are unaware of what has transpired before the convoy of loot-laden trucks has escaped beyond the border.'
The professor went on to warn that 'the problem is made more serious by the fact that radical Islamists are likely to travel among the refugees entering from Southern Europe, posing an increasing threat to soft targets'.
This, too, seems to have come to pass, and to have played its part in bringing carnage to Paris.
Of course, the porousness of Southern Europe's Mediterranean borders would be a problem quite independently of the existence of the EU. But it is the Schengen system that makes this mass migration a nightmare for all of its 26 signatory nations. It was not so long ago that Italy, under-standably unwilling to bear the brunt of such migration, was blithely handing out 'Schengen visas', thus speeding migrants from the Middle East on their way into Northern Europe.  The result of this — combined with German Chancellor Angela Merkel's unbelievably rash invitation to all refugees from the Syrian conflict to regard Europe as their new home — is that one country after another is erecting steel and barbed wire barriers between themselves: exactly the sort of real borders that were supposed to be a thing of Europe's dismal past."

As the first plane-loads of Syrian refugees arrive, MAX HASTINGS reveals the deadly threat of Britain's enemy within

Daily Mail
Tomorrow, the first plane-loads of refugees from Syria arrive to begin a new life in Britain. This will delight actor Benedict Cumberbatch, Labour MPs such as Yvette Cooper and a host of other compassionate folk who have urged that Britain open its door to almost all comers. Perhaps, these lobbyists will feel no twinge of embarrassment about the revelation that at least two of the Paris killers travelled to Europe as refugees from Syria.
The rest of us, however, shake our heads in unsurprised horror.

Juncker et al. apparently want to exterminate the European nations

Luboš Motl ,Pilsen, Czech Republic
At a news conference in Turkey, Juncker said:
We should not mix the different categories of people coming to Europe.
Wow, what an unbelievable moron. The problem is that we are not mixing them. They mix themselves. And they do so almost perfectly. What we're getting are already masses of people who are perfectly mixed and homogenized. The attacker with the Syrian passport didn't look any special from the viewpoint of the Greek or European authorities. For all purposes, almost all of the 1 million people who have flown to Europe in 2015 are men who are physically indistinguishable from the Friday 13th attackers.

Almost all these people are Muslims. A strong majority of them considers the Sharia law and all the associated violations of the human rights to be correct. They've been educated like that and they're already too old to change their opinions about similar fundamental questions. A certain unknown but not negligible percentage of these people are men who are ready to shoot lots of "infidels" without displaying any emotions, or proudly detonate explosive belts attached to their bodies."

Eurocrats are in tragic denial about the Paris attacks

Not only Poland. Most European states are doing the same. Even goody-goody Sweden has “temporarily” reintroduced border checks (in the same way that it “temporarily” shelved its plan to join the euro in 2003).
The European project is collapsing before us. Everyone can see it – except, tragically, the Eurocrats, who are determined to keep integration going at any cost. Tellingly, the declared aim of the recent emergency summit on migration was “Saving Schengen”. Not saving refugees. Not saving lives. Saving Schengen.
While Eurocrats insist that the answer to every problem is “more Europe”, voters are drawing their own conclusions. Some of these conclusions are understandable: German voters, for example, are turning against Angela Merkel, whom they correctly blame for causing the migration crisis. Others are more alarming: Marine Le Pen must now be reckoned likely to win France’s regional elections in three weeks’ time."

Sunday, 15 November 2015

France is fighting unwinnable war against terror

France is estimated to have 2,000 citizens involved in Syrian and Iraq jihadi networks and a further 3,800 individuals known to domestic intelligence services as “radicalised”, all watched over by just 3,200 intelligence officers. ..........Europe’s open border policy allowing weapons and terrorists to flow freely into France - with at least two of the Friday night attackers coming in from Belgium - means that there are now real fears that it is almost impossible for the intelligence services to keep track of the jihadi threat.
The refusal of Brussels to tighten the Schengen border rules, or begin a Passenger Name Record (PNR) system – an idea first mooted after the 2004 train bombings in Madrid - has left countries like France even more open to attack, Mr Brisard added.
“The French security service has all the resources and technology you would expect, but Europe has been unable to provide governments with the tools they have been asking for more than a decade now,” he said. .............Reports that the attackers spoke un-accented French, but were carrying Syrian and Egyptian passports, including a passport registered in October at a refugee centre on the Greek Island of Leros, indicated that the Middle East jihadi threat had now fully materialised."

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Torn apart by an open door for migrants: Sweden is seen as Europe's most liberal nation, but violent crime is soaring and the Far Right is on the march

Daily Mail
This may sound rather ungrateful. Maher and his two friends, Mahamed, 22, and Mahmood, 38, came to Sweden after taking this summer's well-trodden route to Europe from the Middle East, via Turkey. On reaching Germany, they discovered that the waiting time to claim asylum was running into months. So, last month, they boarded a ferry to ultra-liberal Sweden, which has a reputation for welcoming any foreigner who knocks, and handing out generous taxpayer-funded benefits.Of course, like the 100,000 other incomers to this country of just 9.5 million people this year, Maher's group was let in, and given a place to stay. But there's a problem: by Christmas, another 90,000 are expected to try to enter Sweden, leaving conflict in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as poverty-plagued parts of Africa. ........
The Swedish economist Tino Sanandaji, who himself has an Iranian-Kurdish background, recently described what's happening in Sweden as 'quite disastrous'. He said: 'This is an irreversible social experiment that no wealthy state has ever attempted. There are almost no ideas or visions over how this can be solved 'You can't combine open borders with a welfare state. If you offer generous benefits, and anyone can come and use these benefits, a very large number of people will try to do that. It's just mathematically impossible for a small country like Sweden to fund that.'

At least 127 killed in ISIS terror attacks on Paris, French president says

Fox News
Speaking after an emergency security meeting to plan his government's response, Hollande declared three days of national mourning and raised France's security to its highest level. He described Friday's attacks, which produced the worst bloodshed in Paris since World War II, as an "act of war." Hollande said ISIS was "a terrorist army ... a jihadist army, against France, against the values that we defend everywhere in the world, against what we are: A free country that means something to the whole planet."....
Four attackers then stormed the Bataclan, where concert-goers described a horrifying scene. Witnesses said the attackers toted Kalashnikovs and wore flak jackets as they fired indiscriminately into the crowd. Some survivors claimed the men shouted "Allahu Akbar" or "This is for Syria" as they fired.
Graphic video shot from an apartment balcony and posted on the Le Monde newspaper's website Saturday captured some of the horror as dozens of people fled from gunfire outside the concert hall down a passageway to a side street.
........A U.S. military and intelligence source told Fox News the coordinated attacks likely required "months of planning," based on their sheer number, the locations including a site where the president was present and the variety of weapons used."

Obama Offers Aid to France After 'Outrageous' Paris Attacks

“We’ve seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians,” Obama told reporters in Washington. “This is an attack not just on Paris, an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share.”
ED: No mention of the word 'terrorist' or 'Jihadist' Mr President ??

French President Hollande Blames ISIS for 'Act of War' Attack

Friday’s events deepen Europe’s worst security crisis in decades, as social collapse and savage violence in parts of the Middle East begins to affect Western countries directly. The attacks followed the downing of a Russian airliner also blamed on Islamic State, and came as Europe debates how to accommodate streams of refugees fleeing Iraq and Syria.
The attacks were committed "by a jihadist army against the values that we defend everywhere, against what we are: a free country," Hollande said. "It was an act of war that was prepared and organized abroad, and with complicity" from individuals in France, he said."

Hollande says ISIS are behind 'act of war' claiming 127 lives

Daily Mail
  • At least 127 people killed and dozens wounded in a series of co-ordinated terror attacks in heart of Paris last night
  • Up to 100 were massacred in the Bataclan concert hall after suicide bombers took hostage then blew themselves up
  • Chilling footage shows concert-goers dragging blood-soaked friends from scene and woman hanging from window 
  • French President Francois Hollande declared a state of emergency for whole country and reinstates border checks
  • He has vowed to 'mercilessly' strike back after blaming ISIS and has declared three days of national mourning
  • The terrorists shouted 'Allah Akbar' and 'this is for Syria' as they burst in and opened fire, eyewitnesses have said 

  • Paris terror attacks: Europe must confront failed integration


    In the wake of the Paris atrocities there will be empty calls for solidarity, warns Douglas Murray. But Europe has to be more honest about the dangers of mass migration and failed integration "

    Paris attacks: We are all at war with Islamic State now. We must not back down


    Britain and its allies must overcome their misgivings and fight these murderers wherever they hide until there are no more atrocities"

    Islam and the Future of Tolerance

    Bringing forward a post that I planned for next week, this short book is a dialogue between Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz. Harris is a longstanding critic of the religion of Islam and Nawaz made a change from recruiting for a militant Islamic organization to become a dedicated opponent of Jihad and all forms of Islamic extremism. The debate was conducted in the spirit of critical rationalism (I may be wrong and you may be right and with an effort we may be able to get nearer to the truth) and it provides a direction for the ongoing conversation that is required to make progress amidst the religious and cultural conflicts that divide the world at present.
    Nawaz has a nuanced position with three significant propositions which I will put out and invite people to go to the source for more explanation. He suggests “what can unite us is a set of religion-neutral values for focussing on the universality of human, democratic and secular values we can arrive at some common ground”. I like that idea and lets see how it goes. The three propositions.
    1. Islam can be interpreted as a religion of peace (and he makes a scholarly case for that, which I can’t judge).
    2. He can hardly find the words to express his scorn and contempt for the ignorant and malicious leftwing allies and apologists for Islam who invented Islamophobia as a straw dummy to vent their spleen.
    3. Jihadists have to be confronted and physically obliterated to the maximum extent that is possible. He adds that this will not be a permanent solution without a win on the hearts and minds front, which may even mean changing the mind of the leftwing apologists.
    There is also a blog " 

    Friday, 13 November 2015

    Are Europe's open borders on the brink of collapse? EU leaders warn of 'race against time' to save passport free travel zone as migration crisis spirals out of control

    Daily Mail
    The European Union is in a ‘race against time’ to stop the impending collapse of its border-free travel zone as its leaders admitted they had lost control.
    Countries across Europe are poised to bring back checkpoints as one of the most senior EU officials admitted the ‘clock was ticking’ on the end of the Schengen Agreement. Sweden slammed shut its borders warning it could no longer continue its tradition of welcoming migrants as it cannot cope with the vast numbers coming in."

    Angry villagers campaign to evict 70 asylum-seekers from hotel where they've been staying since July at cost of £750,000 to the taxpayer

    Daily Mail
    Angry villagers are campaigning to evict some 70 asylum-seekers from a hotel that has been home to refugees for almost four months at an estimated cost to the taxpayer of up to £750,000. Asylum-seekers from Somalia, Syria and Iraq have been at the Britannia Hotel in Standish, near Wigan, since July while waiting for government officials to process their applications.
    The Facebook group's founder, Ian Adamczyk, 35, said: 'There are generations who have used their time to make this village safe and secure for their children and grandchildren yet no one in authority has consulted them as to what is going to happen or how they feel about this situation.
    'If people are genuinely fleeing their countries with their family and children, Britain would hold its hands out to them - but there seems to be too many people exploiting our country and just coming here for a better life. Nearly all the people in the hotel are young men.
    'I think there are people in this country that need the help more or at least just as much. We are never going to be able to help every poor person in the whole world.'
    On Thursday, in the space of two hours, three minibuses dropped off dozens of men at the back entrance to the hotel. "

    How Sweden, the most open country in the world, was overwhelmed by migrants

    After months of fretting, police finally introduced border controls on the Swedish side of the bridge: the latest symbol of Europe’s unravelling free movement project. There are many others: the razor wire separating Slovenia from Croatia; the border patrols on trains between Germany and Austria.
    This has been painful for everyone, but devastating for Sweden because its main political parties barely know how to respond. Openness is the closest thing the Swedes have to a national religion, this policy is visibly failing – and there is no back-up plan.  .............The headlines now suggest a country that is coming apart. Just last month, an asylum centre in the picturesque town of Munkedal was set alight, the latest in a series of arson attacks against refugees. Anti-Semitic incidents in Malmö have raised such concern that Swedes have now started “kippa walks”, gathering in their hundreds to accompany Jews home from the synagogue in a show of solidarity. The Sweden Democrats, a party routinely denounced by Swedish media as “neo-fascist”, is now leading in the national opinion polls. Economically, Sweden remains strong. But politically, it’s in crisis...... When the migration situation changed, Swedish policy did not. The numbers now arriving were never envisaged: this year alone, almost 200,000 are expected to arrive in this sparsely populated country. Adjust for population size, and it’s like Britain finding space for a refugee population the size of Birmingham each year. Sweden’s immigration agency has already run out of beds, and has been accommodating asylum-seekers at its head office."

    Thursday, 12 November 2015

    Migrant crisis: European Council president Tusk warns Schengen on brink of collapse

    • Donald Tusk, European Council president, says Schengen is in a race against time
    • EU and African leaders meet in Valletta, Malta, to discuss migration crisis
    • Slovenia starts building razor-wire fence as Sweden imposes border controls

    Wednesday, 11 November 2015

    The migrant crisis is a mere gust of the hurricane that will soon engulf Europe

    The numbers that emerge are stark. The increase in Africa’s population alone is set to be 1.3 billion by 2050, about two-and-a-half times the entire population of the EU today. Put another way, the number of people in Africa and western Asia is expected to increase by over 110,000 every single day for decades to come.
    Such figures put into perspective a crisis caused by the arrival of several thousand migrants a day. What we have seen in recent months is only a hint of what might happen next, mere gusts of wind before the approach of a hurricane.  The implications for European countries are immense and clear. First, it is obvious that any approach signalling an open door to migration, as in the case of Germany in recent months, will rapidly prove to be unsustainable. That means it is better not to send that signal in the first place, a rare but major blunder by Angela Merkel. There need to be strict limits on migrant numbers from now on.
    Second, the Schengen zone can only survive at all if there is a massive strengthening of its external borders – otherwise one country after another will close its own borders, not for a few days at a time, but permanently."

    Monday, 9 November 2015

    Muslim Sacralized Rape and Feminized Sweden

    American Thinker
    The city of Malmö, with a Muslim majority, is now the violent rape capital of Sweden.  Socialist politicians are directly responsible for the suicidal mass immigration policy in Europe, where 44 million Muslims now live.  Some of them seem to be assimilating to their host culture.  Many are not.  But the political elite everywhere in Europe can't admit to their suicidal immigration policy mistake.  Which makes it impossible for Europe to fix their self-inflicted death sentence. ...............
    In Muslim tribal cultures, rape is sanctioned outside the family, the clan, and the faith, the umma.
    However, rape and the worst kinds of violence are religiously authorized in jihad war against declared out-groups.  Punishment for rape can be severe if the victim is a protected family member.  But infidel women are free for all.  That is what ISIS is telling the world, in Iraq and Syria."

    SHOCKING VIDEO: New Rape Clinic For Men Opens In Sweden Where Muslim “Asylum Seekers” Are Raping Swedish Citizens At Alarming Rate
    In Sweden, Muslim immigrants account for 5 percent of its population but commit 77 percent of its crime. Sweden’s “rape crisis” is a direct result of an influx of Muslim “asylum seekers.
    Amnesty International reports that Sweden has the highest number of rapes in Europe and the lowest conviction rate. According to Swedish Public Radio, in Stockholm alone, over 1,000 Swedish women reported that a Muslim immigrant raped them; 300 were under age 15. (One third of those living in Stockholm are immigrants; 24 percent are Muslim). These numbers represent only 25 percent of all rapes in Stockholm because officials claim the majority are unreported. Despite this, the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention and the European Commissioner for Home Affairs “refuse to admit the assailants are Muslim.” ....
    Now, next door to Sweden, Norway recently expelled almost a thousand Muslim immigrants for serious crimes, and behold! The violent crime rate dropped by 30% in Norway. Amazing but true.

    Teenage Muslim Migrants Let Off With Wrist Slap For Violent Gang Rape

    The young men now judged responsible for the crime are migrants from North Africa, and in common with many arriving in Europe hoping to claim asylum arrived without paperwork. After they were arrested by police following the rape, the men claimed to be between 13 and 16 years old, guaranteeing minimal sentencing. In the event while the judge told the defendants he didn’t believe they were that young, it was impossible to prove either way. Swedish media is reporting they are believed to be between 15 and 18 years old.
    Of the three men charged, two denied raping the woman, protestations which were disproved by the court with police evidence. A third admitted to sleeping with her, but insisted the act was consensual, and that he had met her while walking home from mosque. Because of their ages, two of those responsible were sentenced to six months in juvenile detention each, reports The third received nine months – a total of less than two years between them for a brutal beating and degrading gang rape.
    .....Reporting of the incident has been very careful in Sweden, where media outlets wilfully self-censor to prevent migrants being presented in a bad light. In Aftonbladet, Sweden’s best selling daily, the migrant origin of the rapists was only mentioned in the 14th paragraph of their report yesterday."

    The wonders of the Muslim world that my children will never get to see


    More often than not, my most memorable travel experiences happened in Muslim countries. I can't see the same happening in a generation's time"