Thursday, 27 November 2014

77% Increase in Immigration From Romania and Bulgaria

Guido Fawkes
"So the government’s net migration figure has gone the same way as the deficit figure, the wrong way…"

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A social disaster in the US

Watch the video ...... HERE

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Miliband and his clique of millionaire allies a 'Berlin Wall' between Labour and ordinary working class voters.

Daily Mail
But Mr Field accused the Labour leader of surrounding himself with a clique of wealthy out-of-touch aides and MPs who did not understand ordinary workers. He said: ‘It’s the north London set we’ve got to control. They are a Berlin Wall trying to prevent us reaching out to our voters and like the Berlin Wall they’ve got to be demolished. ‘Ed’s trying to move us on immigration and welfare and with one blast of a tweet she wrecks that and puts us back to square one. The real problem we have is that there’s a whole group of them.’

Friday, 21 November 2014

Rochester by-election: Ukip has started a class war - and is winning

If there really is a class war going on, Labour has totally abandoned its position as the voice of the workers. On the day of the election, Emily Thornberry had to resign from the shadow cabinet after posting a bizarre tweet of a house covered in St George’s flags that many interpreted as a snobby comment about white van drivers. She may well have been totally innocent of ill-meaning, but by resigning/being sacked she helped add to the impression that Labour is now dominated by a metropolitan elite that looks down its noses at ordinary people. It’s the party of students and their professors, of NHS bureaucrats, welfare workers, actors, Marxist intellectuals, teachers who don’t believe in teaching, and male potters who get their kicks by dressing up as women and calling themselves artists. In short, Labour is bourgeois."

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Why Adele was right to ignore Bob Geldof and Band Aid

But anyone who refuses to go along with Geldof is pilloried or sworn at; so, when a Sky News presenter asked him a perfectly reasonable question yesterday morning about the tax practices of some of the artists featured on the song, his only answer was “it’s b******s”. This is the kind of response you might expect from a 21-year-old with a YouTube channel, but from a 63-year-old trying to engage the public in a subject as grave as Ebola, it just seems churlish. How can he expect us to take him seriously if he cannot behave in a serious manner himself?
Nobody wants a world full of Ebola, but nor do I want a world full of Malaria and HIV and Tuberculosis and numerous other diseases – not to mention conditions such as hunger and poverty - that are destroying the lives of many millions of Africans every day.
Certainly, I don’t want to be told how to behave philanthropically by a man worth an estimated £32 million, a man who is said to use tax avoidance schemes (it is telling that when a journalist asked him two years ago how much tax he paid, Geldof exploded at her, saying: 'My time? Is that not a tax?’ Well, no, Bob, it isn’t).
I don’t want to be implored to give charitably by a band that travels in separate private jets because they don’t get on (One Direction), or by a man who avoids Irish taxes while simultaneously telling the Irish government to help developing countries (Bono)."

Monday, 17 November 2014

As Somerset faces new floods, we're set to pay £600m for Third World flood defences... Tory MPs fury at new aid giveaway

Daily Mail

  • David Cameron to offer more financial help to flood-prone countries 
  • Water has already been seen rising again on the Somerset Levels 
  • Area was submerged in water earlier this year after failure to dredge rivers
  • MPs said sending money abroad 'did not send out the right message'
But many Tory MPs believe voters are sick of seeing taxpayers’ money sent abroad to tackle fashionable causes.The massive giveaway risks becoming a propaganda gift to Ukip which is confident of winning the by-election. The party has exploited public scepticism about climate change and the value of foreign aid. Some of the funding will go on flood defences amid fears that climate change will lead to more adverse weather. But Andrew Rosindell, Tory MP for Romford, said: ‘At a time when we in our own country have suffered from flooding and devastation, with potentially more to come, this doesn’t send out the right message. ‘The overwhelming mood in the country is that the first duty of government is to look after this country. It sends a confusing message to people affected by flooding here that we are spending so much on flood defences overseas rather than at home. I don’t think this will help us win the general election.’

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Obama and the vanguard party of the left

Sultan Knish has a quite insightful column on Obama versus the Democrats which he sees as a war to the death between “the-win-power-by-saying-anything-that-gets-votes-whether-you-mean-it-or-not” wing of the party versus “The Progressives” who actually have a radical far left agenda that if people actually knew what it was would avoid Democrats like the plague. The Progressives are our modern version of the Bolshevik cell that lies in wait for their moment. The win-by-saying-anything group just likes the power and the perks and riches that come with it. As for the Progressives:
Their goal is to transform the country. If they can do that by winning elections, they’ll win them. But if they can’t, they’ll still follow their agenda. "

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber bragging about deceiving the American people, who he thinks are too stupid to know what’s good for them

He is saying that the people who put Obamacare together knowingly understood that if Americans had understood the Affordable Care Act, that they would have rejected it because they are too stupid. They therefore by intent made the Act impossible to understand to fool them into supporting what they would otherwise have rejected because it was good for them. When the good part will arrive no one asks. This is a marry in haste, repent in leisure moment which is the entire story of the Obama administration."

Monday, 10 November 2014

Into Iraq again

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun (Australia)
Australian special forces are going into Iraq on an “advise and assist mission” in the field. The US now has 3000 soldiers there.
One of US President Barack Obama’s biggest blunders was not leaving 10,000 US soldiers in Iraq in 2011.
Tony Abbott has announced the deployment after talks with Obama in China."

Saturday, 8 November 2014

George Osborne’s claims of an EU budget victory don’t stack up

CapX / Daniel Hannan
 The only thing the Chancellor has achieved is a slight delay in the payment. Britain will cough up next year rather than now, and will not be billed for interest in the mean time. Well, OK, fine. But the bill remains the same. The PM had said he wouldn’t pay ‘anything like’ the sum in question. In fact, as the European Commission has confirmed, the sum has not changed by a single euro. "

Friday, 7 November 2014

U.K. Fails to Win Budget Payment Cut as EU Defies Cameron

Britain failed to win a cut in an extra budget payment demanded by the European Union, complicating Prime Minister David Cameron’s efforts to fend off an anti-EU movement at home.
EU finance ministers agreed in principle today to stretch out Britain’s payment of a 2.1 billion-euro ($2.6 billion) bill until September 2015. While the accounting arrangement includes an accelerated refund, it would leave the U.K.’s overall contributions to the EU untouched.
The bill, part of an EU funding reallocation that forced Britain and eight other countries to pay more, has lengthened the list of grievances that prompted Cameron to propose a referendum in 2017 that could take Britain out of the bloc.
The U.K. will pay the whole amount without any penalties attached or interest rates,” Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan told reporters after the Brussels meeting. “The installments will be paid over a period of time.”

EU surcharge deadline to be delayed until after the general election

Confidential diplomatic proposals seen by the Telegraph indicate that 1 June or September 2015, safely after elections next May, is the “foreseen new deadline” for the revised British payment to the Brussels budget. The delay, designed to give political breathing space, was granted at the request of the Government but any failure to reduce the overall surcharge will be controversial for Tory backbench MPs.  ........EU finance ministers are expected to ask the European Commission to amend Brussels regulation 1150/2000 to prevent an “automatic” surcharge on the 1 December in order to allow for “exceptional flexibility with regard to the time period for payment”.
The sum will then be paid off on an instalment plan over “a reasonable period of time”, according to the compromise proposal."

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Immigration from outside Europe 'cost £120 billion'

The report analysed figures from 1995 to 2011, during most of which the Labour government was pursuing vigorously pro-immigration policies.
It found that migrants from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) made a negative contribution to the public purse of £117.9 billion because they consumed more in public expenditure – including NHS costs, welfare hand-outs and education – than they contributed in taxes.....
Sir Andrew Green, chairman of MigrationWatch, said the report confirmed the huge cost of immigration.
"As for recent European migrants, even on the authors' own figures - which we dispute - their contribution to the Exchequer amounts to less than £1 a week per head of population," he said....... Between 1995 and 2011 the foreign-born population in the UK doubled from 3.5 million to about 7 million.   ......
At the same time the number of European immigrants in this country grew at a far higher rate, tripling from 723,000 to 2.3 million.
That huge surge was mainly due to the previous Labour government’s decision not to impose controls on the eight eastern Europeans, including Poland, which joined the EU in 2004."


What Can Be Done? (MigrationWatch)

US midterms: Barack Obama has crippled the Democrats

By pursuing his own agenda so arrogantly and with such disregard for alternative opinion, he crushed what still remained of Blue Dog Democrat conservatives or Clinton moderates - and of this failed experiment in pursuing a shrinking ideogical base of voters, Ed Miliband should take note"

Is President Barack Obama doomed to be "the lamest duck" in recent US history?

Is Mr Obama doomed to be "the lamest duck" in recent US history?
The man who was, not so long ago, the Democrat poster boy has seen his presidency undergo two terrible midterm elections in a row. In fact, having lost in total 70 House seats as of Wednesday morning, after this 2014 midterm election his presidency has witnessed the worst outcome of any two-term president going back to Harry S. Truman."

Republicans in control: Obama a ‘lame duck’ for last two years of his presidency as conservatives sweep to landslide victory in midterm elections

Daily Mail
  • Wins across US give conservatives control of both houses of Congress
  • Results were even worse than expected for Obama's Democrats
  • 'Star power' of Hollywood and Clintons failed to help Democrats
  • Incoming Senate Leader says it is time to 'turn this country around'
  • Mitch McConnell said President Obama's government 'cannot be trusted'
  •  Obama kept low profile during voting, meeting with senior aides