Thursday, 10 September 2015

Tony Abbott gets it right on Syrian refugees

The Australian
Tony Abbott got the policy and the politics of Syria right yesterday. He was a bit slow off the mark at the weekend but he quickly identified this shortcoming, read the community sentiment ­accurately and drove government processes to produce a credible policy response. .....In particular, this act of generosity is possible only because the flow of illegal immigrants by boat to Australia from the north has been halted.  ......
But the Australian people want to know that it is their government that controls Australia’s borders, and that refugees come here in an orderly way, given that there is no immediate neighbour from which anyone can legitimately be fleeing persecution to Australia.
In other words, this generous action is possible only because of Abbott’s success in stopping the boats."

Turning back refugee boats saves lives - as Australia found out
"The conclusion from the Australian experience is that those who benefit most from tough border protection are the immigrants who come here fairly and legally. Strict controls help dampen down xenophobia, and ensure that decent treatment is given to those seeking the nation’s hospitality. If only you Poms had not surrendered your sovereignty to Brussels! "  (Spectator, Australia)

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