Monday, 8 May 2017

Macron may have won by a landslide but in the resigned Paris I visited last night it didn’t feel like many people were celebrating a triumph for the globalists

Daily Mail
A full ten percent of France are unemployed under labour laws created by Macron to deliver growth. The migrant camps are overwhelming, and many are not so quick to forget the slaughter at the Bataclan or the horror of the terrorist truck on Bastille day, or the recent shooting of the policeman on the Champs Elyse .
I absolutely accept Macron won this election. He took 20.6million votes.
But it is an illusion to imagine 20.6 million voted for Macron. Many voted against Le Pen. Others pledged support with noses held.
There is only Macron and the movement he invented. The legislative elections are in one month and at present he doesn't have a single representative.
And Le Pen is gaining hard - she won 10.7million votes. (How much longer can the press call a party with 11 million votes 'extreme?')
In truth, she actually came third. 12 million voters abstained and another 4.2 million did not mark their ballot or spoiled their paper - refusing to vote for either candidate.
Macron's biggest rivals are a right-wing woman with a solid core of 11 million ardent supporters and over 16 million people who believe in democracy but would rather not vote at all than give Macron a mandate to lead.
He says he is about unity? He has his work cut out. "