Friday, 4 September 2015

Tragic Aylan's final journey: Father of drowned boys returns home to bury his wife and two sons - in the war-torn city of Kobane

Daily Mail
The barber had paid people smugglers £2,900 over the course of three attempts to reach Greece from a refugee camp in Turkey."

OPINION: This man is responsible for the deaths of his wife and children. He took them from a safe place - Turkey - and placed them at great risk using people traffickers and THEY paid with their lives.
From the comments:
"Ok it's time all EU countries return anyone that comes by boat! Let them know if they do they will be refused entry full stop! Then this would stop the trafficking and the drowning,"
"These children and their parents left the safe haven of Turkey and in the Father's own words undertook a hazardous journey on an unsuitable boat on rough seas. Turkey is not an island, it has land borders with European countries, just not very attractive countries to migrants. Migrants are dying because when they are safe from ISIS/war/famine etc, they choose to head for a 'prosperous' life in Western Europe."
"Cameron, would you enlighten us as to where the UK is going to find the 'thousands of houses' needed to accommodate the 'thousands of refugees/economic migrants' that you have agreed to take? What about their health care, school places for their children and of course Benefits for the whole bunch? Where are the jobs? We can't house, provide adequate healthcare & schooling for our own people. As for jobs, what a laugh - the influx of 'free movement' workers has taken care of that! What's the long-term plan, I'm sure we'd all like to know! "

"Very sad story, but this country had its own problems, 50,000 children on the at risk register in Britain today. So before the lefty tree huggers invite every refugee into the UK, I would suggest we fix our own mess first."

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