Friday, 14 December 2012

Would Leveson care to comment?

Catallaxy Files (Australia)
"The political response: In a phone call to the editor of this newspaper, [Director of Communications for UK Prime Minister David Cameron] Craig Oliver indicated that the article may be poorly timed as “she [Maria Miller] is looking at Leveson at the moment.” The comments came less than 24 hours after an adviser to the Culture Secretary telephoned a reporter working on an article about Mrs Miller’s expense claims to “flag up” the minister’s role in implementing new press rules. … [Craig Oliver] then raised the fact that Mrs Miller was leading the Government’s response to the Leveson Report which recommended statutory press regulation. .....
The Daily Telegraph has decided to disclose details of the private conversations amid widespread concern about the potential dangers of politicians being given a role in overseeing the regulation of the press. Funnily enough Leveson seems to have denied that this was ever his intention in the clips I posted this morning."

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