Saturday, 15 December 2012

How Blair conned the Tory Party into selling its soul

Daily Mail
"Unfashionable and unpopular though it is, I have always admired Mr Blair. I disagreed with almost all he did. But I never doubted that, after Mrs Thatcher, he was the most adept politician of modern times.
One of his skills lay in sowing confusion and doubt among his opponents, wrong-footing them and driving them to panic. I had hoped the Tories at the time were intelligent enough to see his game for what it really was. But I was wrong. ......Ever since, the party has been obsessed by attempting to de-toxify its image — but in the process has come perilously close to losing its soul. The legacy can be seen in numerous policies today. The Government wastes nearly £10 billion a year on overseas aid because it wants to combat the Left-wing notion that being Conservative can be synonymous with being racist. It ring-fences money in a wasteful and over-managed National Health Service because to cut even a penny would, it has decided, signify an attack on the ‘vulnerable’. It squanders money on useless wind-farms because to rely on non-renewable energy would suggest Conservatives want to destroy the planet."

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