Saturday, 22 December 2012

This Australian sued because she claimed to be Aboriginal and some disagreed...... she won.

"Identifying as Aboriginal but light skinned, Bindi Cole started creating works around the issue of identity.  ......
Conservative columnist Andrew Bolt wrote a column accusing Bindi of choosing to identify as Aboriginal in order to give herself 'political and career clout'.
Bindi and several others named in the column brought a class action against Andrew Bolt and won, with the court finding he had breached the racial discrimination act."

Aboriginal woman, Tasmania,photo taken 1866.

This very articulate Aboriginal - Dallas - on his blog Black Steam Train makes some interesting observations about "white identifiers" :

Insight - that Aboriginality show

'Once upon a time, the paler activists were an asset to the Aboriginal cause.  Now, they have become a liability.  Sprouting bullshit such as 'our white skin is a result of the rape of the colonisers', they are no longer laughable and tolerable in small doses - they are promoting a view of life that just continues to perpetuate the victim mentality and does their cause no favours...." (view full article here)

and here....

Conflict of interest? Only for the whites...

'The original promise of the Aboriginal Heritage Act of 2006 was to allow Aboriginal people to be involved in preserving their heritage and culture, to provide protection to our most sacred sites.  The reality is, in most cases, it has done completely the opposite." 
(view full article here)

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