Saturday, 20 March 2010

Petrol prices soar

"LONDON (Reuters) - The average petrol price has risen by 4 pence per litre in the past month to mid-March and may hit a record high in April, the AA said on Friday.The cost of petrol has risen to 1.1609 pound per litre from 1.1210 in mid-February. Diesel rose to 1.1687 pound a litre, up from 1.1384 a month ago."Soaring wholesale prices, an increase in duty on 1 April and the end of the subsidy for biofuel producers could push the cost of petrol close to 124 pence a litre just after Easter," the AA said in a statement.That would be above the record high price of 1.1197 pound hit in July 2008, it said."!

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