Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The big lie at the heart of Darling's class war Budget: Stamp duty hike for £1m homes will NOT pay for first-time buyers' holiday '

Daily Mail
# Stamp duty scrapped on homes up to £250,000
# But those buying homes worth £1m or more hit by 5 per cent levy
# Inheritance tax threshold held at £325,000 for four years
# Darling ignores warnings with another £2.5bn stimulus package
# Public sector net debt to reach 54% of GDP this year
# 60% of tax rises paid for by top 5% of earners since start of global crisis
# £20bn in public sector cuts from 2011 but no detail
# Retailers furious at secret 2.2% rise in minimum wage
# Duty on beer, wine and spirits rises 2% - cider rises 10% above inflation
# Fuel duty rises staggered through until next January
# Markets unimpressed and sterling falls to two-week low against dollar

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