Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ken Clarke: How dare they say this crisis isn't their fault

Daily Mail
"It is time to take a clear, unblinking look at the UK economy. With a General Election only weeks away, the indicators are uniformly bleak. The UK is the last economy in the G20 to leave recession and is now witnessing one of the weakest recoveries in the industrialised world.Our budget deficit is the highest of any developed country. One in five of our young people cannot find work. Perhaps most striking of all, one pound in every four our government spends has to be borrowed from the markets.We are faced with the most extraordinary background to economic policymaking I have ever seen. Not since the war has there been such a need for concerted leadership and a programme of action.Yet in this moment of crisis, from Gordon Brown and his Cabinet, we see almost total inactivity. They still seem to believe the complete myth that this crisis was some natural calamity which hit us, without warning, from America. ..."

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