Saturday, 20 March 2010

Britain is a nation in denial and voters are just as deluded as the PM about the calamitous state the country is in .

Daily Mail
"Gordon Brown led this country into its worst economic predicament since World War II. We have an unprecedented scale of national debt that threatens a sterling crisis and will burden the country for years to come.During 13 years of power, Labour has failed abysmally to reform public services, above all education, or to equip Britain to earn its living in the 21st century.The Government's latest initiative threatens higher education, the country's only hope of creating a skilled workforce to meet the challenges of the next generation.Universities are threatened with more than half a billion pounds' worth of funding cuts. The money is presumably needed to finance more NHS cosmetic surgery, asylum seekers' housing benefit or - most likely - to pay the interest charges on Gordon Brown's horrendous national borrowings.Yet against this background of incompetence, fiscal recklessness and neglect of real priorities, millions of people seem willing to give Gordon Brown another chance. ...There is no easy or pain-free path out of our ghastly economic predicament. Any politician who pretends otherwise is a shyster unfit to govern.Gordon Brown has parted company so decisively that he will never rejoin planet Earth.He wants to be in office, but not in power. He craves the title of prime minister, but rejects any vestige of personal responsibility for the nation's fate in war or peace. He has become a psychological mess of frightening proportions. ....It is time for those who aspire to govern us to dismiss the lies surrounding Britain's sickness and to confront the hard truths about the only credible remedies for them.

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