Monday, 16 November 2015

Written in the blood of innocents, the folly of a Europe with no borders

Daily Mail
Professor James Davis, of the University of St Gallen in Switzerland, observed that: 'As police chiefs from Hamburg to Geneva will tell you, criminal bands, largely of Eastern and South-Eastern European origin, are taking advantage of open borders to plan and execute large-scale raids on communities that often are unaware of what has transpired before the convoy of loot-laden trucks has escaped beyond the border.'
The professor went on to warn that 'the problem is made more serious by the fact that radical Islamists are likely to travel among the refugees entering from Southern Europe, posing an increasing threat to soft targets'.
This, too, seems to have come to pass, and to have played its part in bringing carnage to Paris.
Of course, the porousness of Southern Europe's Mediterranean borders would be a problem quite independently of the existence of the EU. But it is the Schengen system that makes this mass migration a nightmare for all of its 26 signatory nations. It was not so long ago that Italy, under-standably unwilling to bear the brunt of such migration, was blithely handing out 'Schengen visas', thus speeding migrants from the Middle East on their way into Northern Europe.  The result of this — combined with German Chancellor Angela Merkel's unbelievably rash invitation to all refugees from the Syrian conflict to regard Europe as their new home — is that one country after another is erecting steel and barbed wire barriers between themselves: exactly the sort of real borders that were supposed to be a thing of Europe's dismal past."

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