Monday, 16 November 2015

Eurocrats are in tragic denial about the Paris attacks

Not only Poland. Most European states are doing the same. Even goody-goody Sweden has “temporarily” reintroduced border checks (in the same way that it “temporarily” shelved its plan to join the euro in 2003).
The European project is collapsing before us. Everyone can see it – except, tragically, the Eurocrats, who are determined to keep integration going at any cost. Tellingly, the declared aim of the recent emergency summit on migration was “Saving Schengen”. Not saving refugees. Not saving lives. Saving Schengen.
While Eurocrats insist that the answer to every problem is “more Europe”, voters are drawing their own conclusions. Some of these conclusions are understandable: German voters, for example, are turning against Angela Merkel, whom they correctly blame for causing the migration crisis. Others are more alarming: Marine Le Pen must now be reckoned likely to win France’s regional elections in three weeks’ time."

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