Monday, 16 November 2015

Juncker et al. apparently want to exterminate the European nations

Luboš Motl ,Pilsen, Czech Republic
At a news conference in Turkey, Juncker said:
We should not mix the different categories of people coming to Europe.
Wow, what an unbelievable moron. The problem is that we are not mixing them. They mix themselves. And they do so almost perfectly. What we're getting are already masses of people who are perfectly mixed and homogenized. The attacker with the Syrian passport didn't look any special from the viewpoint of the Greek or European authorities. For all purposes, almost all of the 1 million people who have flown to Europe in 2015 are men who are physically indistinguishable from the Friday 13th attackers.

Almost all these people are Muslims. A strong majority of them considers the Sharia law and all the associated violations of the human rights to be correct. They've been educated like that and they're already too old to change their opinions about similar fundamental questions. A certain unknown but not negligible percentage of these people are men who are ready to shoot lots of "infidels" without displaying any emotions, or proudly detonate explosive belts attached to their bodies."

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