Thursday, 5 June 2014

Another shabby day for the marshmallow President: As his Taliban hostage swap sours, why Obama is a pygmy compared with the wartime leader Roosevelt

Daily Mail
But Obama today finds himself being compared - and not always by Republican enemies - with that most pitiful of modern presidents, Jimmy Carter, the man who presided over the humiliation of the Tehran Embassy hostage drama; remembered for the symbolic photograph of himself falling on his face while out jogging.
Maybe this week’s image of Obama alongside Bob Bergdahl, father of the newly-liberated Taliban hostage and one of the most obvious fruitcakes ever to sport an Old Testament prophet’s beard, will end up on the same page of history.
Whoever let the president get photographed in such company?
The judgment of the Leader of the Free World looks terrible. He has 30 months left to serve in office, but unless some amazing lightning stroke descends on him, Obama’s presidency seems set to end in failure.
Precisely because he is America’s first black chief executive, the man on whom such huge hopes rested five years ago, this makes his plight today all the more wretched."

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