Monday, 9 September 2013

The election of Australia's new PM Tony Abbott is clear evidence that genuine conservative policies can win elections

Daily Mail
"Something truly astounding has happened. The best political candidate for a country's future has won a general election. In fact, even more astonishing is the fact that this achievement was something David Cameron and his inner circle had given us to believe was as impossible as . . . well, being reincarnated as an olive. So what is this miracle? That a true conservative has won a general election on true conservative principles.This has just occurred in Australia, where the leader of the Liberal (conservative) Party, Tony Abbott, has been elected Prime Minister by a landslide. As head of the Liberal/National coalition, he unseated a Labor government which had been in power since 2007. But here's the rub: Mr Abbott stands for all the things which, in this country, the Cameroons repeatedly claimed would make the Conservative Party unelectable. An Oxford-educated devotee of the late Lady Thatcher, Mr Abbott wants to cut taxes and is against gay marriage, thinks man-made global warming theory is bunkum, wants to reduce immigration, and intends to end increases in overseas aid. He also displays a robust understanding of the current threats to the West, and just who are its true allies and true enemies."

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