Saturday, 21 September 2013

Over 2million UK passports handed to foreigners since 2000: One immigrant is made a British citizen every two and a half minutes

Daily Mail
"More than two million immigrants have been granted British citizenship since 2000, it can be revealed. In the past year alone, a record 204,541 requests for a UK passport were rubber-stamped by the Home Office, official figures show. This is the equivalent of one migrant being given citizenship every two-and-a-half minutes – the fastest rate in history. It means the total number given out since the turn of the century now stands at 2,053,396. Campaigners say the face of British society has been changed for ever in just 13 years. .......Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, said the figures were ‘the inevitable consequence’ of Labour’s deliberate policy of mass immigration. The majority of those currently being given passports arrived in 2008 or earlier. Normally, they qualify for citizenship after living and working in the UK for five years, with officials only able to block those engaged in criminality. Sir Andrew said: ‘Some four million foreign immigrants have arrived since 1997 of whom, so far, half appear to have qualified for citizenship."

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