Sunday, 18 April 2010

MP Frank Field accuses Gordon Brown of destroying economy

Daily Mail
"A former Labour Minister has accused Gordon Brown of ‘Alice In Wonderland politics’ which have left Britain facing ‘destruction’ by an economic catastrophe in the summer.The doom-laden prediction came in a ferocious personal attack on the ‘abnormal’ Prime Minister by senior Labour MP Frank Field.Ignoring pleas by Labour chiefs not to rock the boat in the run up to the Election, Mr Field savaged the Prime Minister’s economic record and said Britain might never recover unless swift action is taken to save the nation from bankruptcy.‘Our country is in such a state,’ said Birkenhead MP Mr Field.‘We’ve printed money to buy our own debt. It’s real Alice In Wonderland politics.'We have to ask the world if they want to lend us money. If we can’t shift the debt we’re finished.’

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