Friday, 9 April 2010

Migrant city's cry for help: Anguished letter to Brown and Cameron reveals devastating toll of immigration on schools, housing and hospitals

Daily Mail
"The councillors also voiced the local fears that immigration is fuelling a rise in crime.They write: 'We had four police houses in the ward years ago. Everyone knew and respected the local constable.'Now we have muggings, robberies, burglaries and neighbour disputes. We have prostitutes, drug dealers and an ever-increasing number of people who drive without road tax or insurance.'Some 16,000 migrants - many looking for farming work - have moved to the Peterborough area since 2004. Immigrant communities account for 64 per cent of the population growth.Details of the letter emerged a day after the Daily Mail revealed shocking figures showing that nearly every job created under Labour has gone to a foreign worker.Some 98.5 per cent of 1.67million new posts went to immigrants.In their letter, Mr Swift and Mr Sharp say the arrival of so many migrants has left Peterborough's housing system in chaos, with immigrants sleeping rough and relying on the Salvation Army for food."

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