Wednesday, 21 April 2010

It's time for voters to wake up and get real

Daily Mail
"There can be only one credible explanation for the utterly irrational outpouring of support for the Liberal Democrats after a mere 90 minutes of X Factor-style TV politics: the public, disgusted by the near moral bankruptcy of the last Parliament, is looking for revenge.In significant numbers, voters' only interest in this most important of elections for a generation is giving the bloodiest of noses to a political class which, for many years, has been taking them for fools.And, because of a brilliant propaganda coup, the LibDems have painted themselves as the clean, honest party with a fresh, untarnished leader in Mr Clegg.Nothing could be further from the truth.As this paper reveals today, Mr Clegg and many of his MPs have been some of the worst expenses offenders. LibDem donors have been tainted by criminality.And the party that promises to return integrity to Parliament is itself stuffed to the rafters with lobbyists and ex-lobbyists like Mr Clegg, many of whom worked for firms promoting policies that are antipathetic to the LibDems' now declared beliefs. ..."

"May 6 is not a European, local council or by-election vote in which to register disquiet with a faltering Government.It will decide the direction of this country for years and generations to come. The stakes could not be higher.The British electorate needs to wake up to avoid sleep-walking into disaster."

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J said...

Hi itsFairComment -
I couldn't work out how else to contact you so I hope it's OK to write here.
i saw your comment on the Andrew Bolt blog about the French trying to preserve their way of life banning the burkha etc.
I hate to disillusion you, but the huge wave of Muslim immigration overwhelming Europe was initiated by the French back in the late 60s early 70s, folloowing on from the OPEC decision to quadruple petrol prices to blackmail the West into betraying Israel. It worked.

In order to be more powerful than the USA they formed a power bloc with the Arabs - in exchange for cheap oil, France and the rest of the then EEC would adopt Arab norms and attitudes to Israel
(ie murderous), effectively substitute Arab culture, Arab population etc for that of the Europeans and form an EU/Arab/Northa Africa bloc to challenge the US and Israel.

Read it here:

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