Friday, 14 October 2016

The life, and death, of a party.

A shining example of the declining influence of the legacy media is the storm this week over a decade old recording of Donald Trump making some lewd remarks. None of us have ever done anything like that, have we? After a firestorm of criticism by every organ of the media and being roundly condemned by all the old Republican dinosaurs who failed to stop him in the primaries, he comes out of Trump Towers the next day to be greeted by a large impromptu crowd of people cheering him on.
The beautiful people may have been thoroughly offended and scandalised by him, but the ordinary people couldn’t give a damn about the issue; they were just worried he’d cave under the pressure and withdraw from the race. He came out fighting rather than cowed, so the whole campaign of faux outrage by assorted media turnips, GOP dinosaurs and assorted SJWs essentially backfired on them all.
It is yet again a vivid illustration of how totally out of touch the GOP establishment are with popular sentiment. The last thing they should ever have done was to rush to condemnation and demand he withdraw, because it’s obvious he’ll never withdraw under any circumstances and his defiance of all the pressure he was put under gave him yet another chance to reprise his role as the plucky David up against the Republican/Media Goliath."

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