Friday, 14 October 2016

Google's "Fact Check" is a pathetic effort to distort the news

Luboš Motl's Reference Frame
At the end, the "Fact Check" label is a recipe or preparation for the censorship done by someone else. Some users of the Google News service are encouraged to only pick the officially "Fact-Checked" news. So from the viewpoint of those parties' readers, the non-Fact-Checked or negatively Fact-Checked articles are being censored. Is that really a good idea? Are you really sure that they can't convey an important idea or information that the people should be exposed to? Can't you see that due to the systematic collective bias of the self-appointed fact checkers, news being filtered in this way are becoming distorted as well?

It often looks to me that the left-wing media and their ideological soulmates are trying to restore the regime of the "only allowed opinion" that we have known in the totalitarian countries. But what these leftards are missing is that people in totalitarian societies were forced to behave as if they believed all the cr*p by aggressive sanctions, firing from jobs, and even prisons (and uranium mines).

Hillary's aßlickers, Google, and others: You just haven't conquered the full control over the citizens to the same extent to which the totalitarian machineries have done it. So you simply shouldn't expect that the result will be the same "unity of opinions" that was present in the totalitarian societies. Instead, Google may at most downgrade itself from a company that invented a great impartial algorithm to rate and order pages in the search pages to another company composed of activist leftards.

And that would be a truly sad case of degeneration because Google has done some great things.

Please, don't try to harm a particular candidate in the elections by these tricks and stop collaborating with all those whose self-evident goal is to do so. They're not honest, they're not impartial, they're not really more careful than others, they're not nice, and they are crippling your business. Thanks for your understanding, Google."

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