Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The Government is doing everything in its power to rig the EU Referendum

Last week, just before the rules imposing limits on expenditure by the authorised Referendum campaign organisations, that faction splurged more than £9 million on the distribution of its dodgy dossier to every household in the country. More than Vote Leave, the Brexit campaign, will be allowed to spend in the ten weeks of the campaign.
It would have been far more informative and certainly more fair had Mr Cameron admitted that the laws made in Brussels override our UK law made in our Parliament and that our "Supreme" Court is inferior to the European Court.
The Government has done everything it can to rig the whole campaign to favour the Remain campaign, but despite that, the polls (for what they are worth) suggest that the two sides are pretty evenly divided and that the outcome may yet be decided by events between now and the referendum."

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