Saturday, 16 May 2015

Lynton Crosby: Betrayal of British voters

Mr Crosby said: “The trouble now is that polls have become part of the political process so they’re not an independent measurement that says this is what’s going on, they actually influence what’s going on.
“And I think that’s quite dangerous. I would subscribe to the view there should be a stay on publishing polls publicly for two or three weeks before an election.”
He said he could not “understand” the ineptitude of Ed Miliband’s campaign.
“I couldn’t really understand it. They just wanted to divide Britain. And they focussed too much on process.
“Labour were always trying to talk up how clever they were. How they’d set up the Green attack unit, how they had set up the Ukip attack unit. How they were having 4 million conversations across the country.Well we had more than that - but you don’t talk about it.”

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