Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Praise Giles, and save victims of the “stolen generations” myth

Andrew Bolt (Australia)
" Adam Giles doesn’t like being racially typecast as the first indigenous Chief Minister, yet his heritage gives him license to tackle the ”stolen generations” myth that has left so many Aboriginal children in danger - and led to some being raped or killed: NORTHERN Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles says he will remove neglected Aboriginal children from their parents and place them in adopted homes if necessary. Mr Giles, Australia’s first indigenous state or territory leader, said governments had failed Aboriginal children because of fears they would be accused of creating a new Stolen Generation, but he would not be put off by such accusations… Mr Giles said despite the federal intervention, only one Aboriginal child had been adopted in the past decade. “There are situations in the Northern Territory where nobody has been prepared to support a permanent adoption of a child for fear of Stolen Generation...”
I have tried to warn of this for years, and been called a racist for it:..."

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