Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Benghazi stinks – but it won't be Obama's Watergate. Unfortunately

"I've just been watching the riveting live coverage of Congress's investigation into the Benghazi disaster in which US ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered by Al Qaeda affiliates while the Obama administration stood by and let it happen. What becomes clearer than ever, listening to the testimony of America's most senior surviving man on the ground Greg Hicks, is that the whole business reeks of the most concerted presidential cover up since Watergate. .......Can you imagine how differently the Benghazi story would have played had it been on Dubya's watch? Let alone Nixon's? It would have been the scandal that destroyed the presidency. And properly so. Yet the way the US media has responded – with notable exceptions like Fox and talk radio, of course – you'd think that the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three of his staff by terrorists, and subsequent cover-up operation, was an event of no consequence in a far off country of which we know very little and would be better off knowing even less."

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