Monday, 12 November 2012

Obama cover-up claim over CIA chief's affair: Was the relationship discovered by FBI months ago, but hushed up due to election?

Daily Mail
"The FBI began an investigation in February after discovering the 60-year-old’s computer had been accessed by someone else - believed to be his 40-year-old mistress Paula Broadwell - prompting fears of a major security breach. This led to the discovery of hundreds of explicit emails including one referring to ‘sex under a desk.' ......A source said last night: ‘The real question is, what did the President know, and when?’ Frances Townsend, a former senior US government security official and now a member of the CIA Advisory Committee, said: ‘Whenever the FBI opens an investigation of a senior official they have to make notification of that, especially if there is an intelligence concern. 'It is hard to believe the White House did not know about this prior to the election.

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