Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Perhaps it's time Tony Blair explained why he should be let anywhere near European power in the future when his rash actions seem to have robbed Romania of the chance of normal democracy

The Commentator
" In Romania it’s a real start in life to obtain a godfather who wields influence. This was true even in communist times when the acronym of the ruling party, the PCR was widely translated as pile (pull), cunostinta (contacts) and relatiii (relatives).
It is no exaggeration to say that the nation of Romania, or at least the elite segment which has been in the ascendancy in the epoch after communism ,on its own very restricted agenda, has benefited from having a super godfather. This is Tony Blair no less. He has only actually set foot in the country twice but both visits have proven significant.
The first was in May 1999 when he played the lead role in getting NATO and the EU to confront the Serbian leader, Slobodan Milosevic over his tyrannical behaviour towards the Albanins in Kosovo. For its support in a high-risk showdown, Romania was offered the chance to join the EU.
Blair set a precedent by ensuring that Romania could leap from near the end of the queue to receive entry on informal terms. The rules were clear: no country with Romania’s broken-down economy could be considered as it would be unable to compete and be a drag on other members.
Once Blair persuaded European colleagues simply to disregard them, his attention soon turned to the Middle East. Indeed, he seems not to have given Romania another thought for a long time. But he came back on March 26th this year to speak in Bucharest as the guest of groups close to the Social Democratic Party."

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