Sunday, 29 July 2012

Cheapskate Beckhams...

Victoria Beckham attempts to get iPad replaced for free after Brooklyn breaks £600 Apple tablet (Daily Mail)
"With their millions, it’s hard to imagine the Beckhams quibbling over the cost of anything. But when Brooklyn, 13, smashed his iPad, his fashion designer mum was not keen to fork out £600 for a replacement. Victoria, 38, took Brooklyn to Covent Garden’s Apple Store last week and allegedly made it clear she would not be fishing out her credit card. ‘Victoria explained her son had smashed his iPad and wanted another one,’ reveals a spy. ‘But there seemed to be no question of her paying for it. In fact, it was made quite clear she expected a freebie’. And what Posh wants, Posh gets."
ED: They have form on this... 'only the little people pay'

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