Sunday, 12 April 2015

Bonfire of Britain's Foreign Aid Billions: Swanky new aid offices in India costing £442,000 are just one example of the disturbing way British taxpayers' money is wasted

Daily Mail
The Mail on Sunday has spent months investigating how the foreign aid budget is spent, speaking to diplomats, aid agencies and civil servants, and has established that hundreds of millions of pounds of the £11.7 billion Britain sends overseas – perhaps as much as a quarter – are squandered on unworkable projects and 'consultants' who are little more than private contractors.
More than half of industrialised nations reduced their aid budget between 2013 and 2014, but it was revealed last week that under new European Union rules, Britain's total will swell by £1 billion over the next two years, making it the second-largest donor in the world after the US.
In all, according to UK Aid Network – a coalition of aid groups – the Government is set to spend £12.2 billion on aid this year, accounting for 1.6 per cent of its total spending."

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