Friday, 27 February 2015

'Cold, sadistic and merciless': Mohammed Emwazi's journey to jihad

By this time, Emwazi was said to be a polite, observant Muslim with a penchant for designer clothes. He was also a member of a loose-knit group of Muslim youths who played five-a-side football together, were educated at the same schools, attended the same mosques, and were all impressed by a particular preacher, Hani al-Sibai.
Of that group, three are now dead, one is living in Sudan after being stripped of his British citizenship, a fourth cannot leave the UK for fear that he too will be deprived of his citizenship, and several are serving prison sentences.   .......He was associating with a number of people who were being scrutinised closely by MI5 and Scotland Yard.....
He was Bilal el-Berjawi, who had grown up in North Kensington after his family moved to the UK from Lebanon when he was an infant. In 2011, Berjawi was stripped of his British citizenship after he went to Somalia to join the Islamist group al-Shabaab, apparently gaining a senior position within its ranks. In January 2012, Berjawi was killed in a US drone strike in Somalia.......The following month Mohamed Sakr, who had been Berjawi’s next-door neighbour when they were growing up in London, was also killed in a drone strike in Somalia. Although born in Britain, Sakr’s parents were Egyptian, and the British authorities regarded him as a dual national. Like Berjawi, he had been stripped of his British citizenship shortly before the US drone strike. His parents promptly flew to Cairo and formally renounced their Egyptian citizenship, to prevent their two other sons from being deprived of their British status.   ........"

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