Friday, 21 November 2014

Rochester by-election: Ukip has started a class war - and is winning

If there really is a class war going on, Labour has totally abandoned its position as the voice of the workers. On the day of the election, Emily Thornberry had to resign from the shadow cabinet after posting a bizarre tweet of a house covered in St George’s flags that many interpreted as a snobby comment about white van drivers. She may well have been totally innocent of ill-meaning, but by resigning/being sacked she helped add to the impression that Labour is now dominated by a metropolitan elite that looks down its noses at ordinary people. It’s the party of students and their professors, of NHS bureaucrats, welfare workers, actors, Marxist intellectuals, teachers who don’t believe in teaching, and male potters who get their kicks by dressing up as women and calling themselves artists. In short, Labour is bourgeois."

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