Saturday, 23 November 2013

A million of our young out of work, dictatorship by Brussels and why Mr Cameron can no longer ignore the people on immigration

Daily Mail
"In less than six weeks, unless there is a decisive Government U-turn, Britain, as required by the European Union, will throw open its jobs market to the 29 million citizens of Romania and Bulgaria. It’s a development which could have the most considerable implications for the Prime Minister, British society and, most importantly, this country’s one million unemployed young people. Yet David Cameron and his ministers are approaching January 1 with a head-in-the-sand insouciance which is so sadly typical of a political class that is increasingly remote from the lives and concerns of ordinary voters. Incredibly, the Government has refused to estimate how many migrants will arrive. .......Salford University research reveals Britain already has one of the largest Roma populations (which includes migrants from Romania and Bulgaria) in Western Europe — with about 200,000 living here. That figure, typically, is four times higher than the Government’s own estimates. Worryingly, MigrationWatch UK chairman Sir Andrew Green, whose research has proved painstakingly accurate over the past decade, is predicting 50,000 arrivals every year from Romania and Bulgaria from January 1. Over five years, that is the equivalent of the population of a city the size of Hull."

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