Sunday, 30 June 2013

Europe In Shock Over NSA Activity…”Beyond Comprehension…Methods Used By Enemies During The Cold War”

"Today I’m going off topic to write about an explosive issue – the NSA. Spiegel has uncovered and reported explosive material that for now is only being superficially reported back in the States. Obama, and the free world, have a mega-crisis on their hands.In Europe, especially Germany, the NSA scandal is taking on ever increasingly huge dimensions with each passing day. While the American media are pretty much low-key or even silent on the NSA scandal, in Europe it is taking on alarming dimensions and threatening to become a foreign policy catastrophe. News magazine Spiegel has received documents revealing that NSA activity also included bugging European offices, including the Chancellor of Germany. .......Washington’s and London’s relationship with mainland Europe is now so damaged that they are being compared to the Cold War. This is not a foreign policy scandal, rather it is a foreign policy debacle of historical proportions."

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