Friday, 29 March 2013

'Turn immigrants away to save British jobs': Politicians say closing the border would bring down unemployment

Daily Mail
"Britain’s borders should be closed to immigrants while the country’s own citizens are struggling to find jobs, a group of MPs said last night. Frank Field and Nicholas Soames, chairmen of the influential Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration, said the Government should be able to block immigration during periods of high unemployment. The two MPs, writing in the Daily Telegraph, said Britain is facing an influx of people at an ‘unsustainable level’ despite the Coalition’s measures to reduce immigration.Mr Field is a Labour MP who served as Welfare Minister in Tony Blair’s first Government and Conservative Mr Soames was Defence Minister under John Major. They said David Cameron specifically needs to tackle the EU - which they described as ‘the elephant in the room’. And they said next year’s expected wave of immigration from Bulgaria and Romania means that the need to tackle the issue ‘could not be more stark’."

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