Saturday, 16 February 2013

'We want to get into your country before someone locks the door': Shocking investigation into the coming wave of immigration from Romania and Bulgaria

Daily Mail
"Under a loophole in EU immigration rules, Big Issue sellers can claim ‘self-employed status’, thereby gaining a National Insurance number and, with it, an instant legal foothold in the British labour market. .....after New Year’s Day 2014, when all 29 million citizens of Romania and neighbouring Bulgaria will gain full rights to live, work and claim benefits in Britain under EU ‘freedom of movement’ rules. .......Last year’s census revealed Britain is now home to 1,114,368 Eastern Europeans, and Polish is our second most popular language. So could history be about to repeat itself with Romania? The Government won’t — or can’t — say. But 40,000 Romanians are currently moving to the UK a year thanks to the ‘self-employment’ loophole and allowances for certain industries. A recent study by the think-tank MigrationWatch UK estimated that number will increase to 70,000 in January, and stay elevated for the next five years, increasing our population by ‘the same as a city the size of Plymouth or Newcastle’.

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