Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Islam: where is Martin Luther?

Catallaxy Files
"Islam is a religion which has enslaved millions of its followers, who have been condemned to poor living standards, poor education and short life expectancy. Its women are treated as second class citizens. It denies freedom to its people, and hence they cannot enjoy economic and political freedom.
The teachings of Islam encourage its believers to sedition and treason as they strive for a Caliphate – this is fundamentally inconsistent with a Western democracy and its separation of state and religion. .....Islam is in dire need of this reformation. It is not for people of this world to decide whether the Prophet has been insulted, or indeed whether he cares that he has been insulted. It is not for people of this world to threaten death to those who do not follow the doctrine of Islam. Until all under Islam eschew violence and embrace a life of trust and ethical behaviour while tolerating the way other people decide to live we will continue to have the threat of terror hanging over us all. This reformation of Islam is urgently required and must, above all, recognise that Islam has no place in State business. .."

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