Friday, 8 June 2012

Peddling the easy answers

The Black Steam Train (Australia)
"After his recent appearance on Australian Story, Jack Manning Bancroft is riding a wave of public adoration. Touted as everything from a future Indigenous leader, to an Aussie inspiration, overwhelmingly, the feedback coming in from his TV appearance has been extremely positive. If you listen to the viewers, he's achieving huge success with Indigenous youth, turning the tide of low expectations and bringing high profile supporters and donations to disadvantaged Aboriginal kids. .....In operation for almost 8 years now, you may be surprised to know that AIME does not operate in a single remote area. Heck, they don't even operate in the Northern Territory, Western Australia or South Australia. ......For eight years, it appears Jack has deceived himself, and, the rest of us. He's told us he's making a change, and, more importantly, he's Closing the Gap. He is not. .......In the twenty years from 1986 to 2006, the Indigenous population doubled. While part of this is attributed to natural rates of procreation, the Australian Bureau of Statistics states that this staggering increase is also due in part to people identifying as Indigenous where in previous counts, they did not. .....I hope Jack will decide to prove me wrong and start working with impoverished and remote Aboriginal communities. It will be much harder than working with the kids from a private school, but I can promise you that it is infinitely more rewarding, and I warn you that it will at times, break your heart." (H/T Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun)

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